Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I'M BACK!!! - Melanie Martinez

           Hello Everyone! as some of you know, i left  this blog. I decided to make a comeback! today i am talking about one of my favorite singers, Melanie Martinez! I will make an official post later, when i dont have to use digital keyboard, but until then, here are some pics of her!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

HI GUYS! a little announement

so, as some of you know, i made an announcement that i made a new blog, yet, it had no posts when you went to see what it was. good news, the first post if OFFICIALY posted!!!!
P.S. all posts made on that blog ( just like this one) will be 100% true stories.
go check out my first post on my new blog:
i hope you enjoy it!

Friday, January 15, 2016

HELLO and, goodbye

Sorry i haven't posted guys but good news, NEW BLOG!!! it will be called
I CAN'T WAIT!!!! everything on the new blog will be true. SEE YOU THERE!!!

P.S. my blog is NOW up!! and YES

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Hello you random person on a computer,laptop or phone. Last time i blogged i promised something stranger than the last post. I don't know WHY i typed that ending, probally had too much candy. I have been thinking of something REAL but still CRAZIER than fairies being real. In case you were wondering, that story is 100 percent true, trust me, i would know. My sister and i are fans of monster high, daughters and sons of MONSTERS, YES PLEASE! I was looking on the site today because i heard they had new characters. Here is what i was thinking while viewing them: trolls, good, deer spirt, good, VAMPIRE BAT? Daughter of a VAMPIRE BAT? WHAT?!? They put ALOT of thought in her first-name, i mean, Batsy, that is SO creative for the daughter of a bat! If you couldn't tell i was being sarcastic. For one thing, SHAME ON YOU monster high, they was SOOO much possiblites for a name and you chose BATSY! Second of all, a vampire bat is NOT a monster, its an ANIMAL. Anyways, i personally think they should do the daughters of cryptids. For example, the Jersy devil. Now, i have seen a real life cryptid before, half-man, half- reptillan. I was left alone at school when my electives teacher said the substitude would take over electives, turns out there was never a substitude. I was sitting on the bench outside my school waiting for an hour and a half to pass. My school is on a historic site, it was the place where the buffalo solders stayed in the 1800s. A strange man passed by and went into one of the buildings, this normally happened. I thought perhaps he was getting ready for christmas at old fort concho, a celebration we have every year. Suddenly, something felt wrong, i that feeling, something nearby was unhuman. I've had this feeling MANY times, when a ghost was around or bear-man, thats a different story. When i moved toward the old school building, the feeling got stronger, with every step i felt it more. Then, there he was, by the old school house door,Man body, lizard head. Also, it was NOT a mask, this head it was, real, DEFINITLEY not a mask. He snapped his jaws at me as a threat, at this i screeched and ran off. Bye fellow users of the internet. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


If you saw the title of this post and thought, rubbish, trust me this is anything BUT rubbish. If you have not seen what the world knows as "fairies", open a new tab, go to google, and search "real life fairy" then come back here. Now everyone that is reading this knows the about the "REAL FAIRY SIGHTINGS" on the internet. These rumors are NOT true. THAT, THAT, THING is NOT what fairies look like. They are half-bug from the waist down. They have human arms and a human head. Their hair is like that of a famous troll doll. They ride on  dragonflies and can not be seen by those who don't believe. I know, i know it sounds crazy, but TRUST ME I AM NOT A PHYSCOPATH, AHHH!!! I was kidding if you could not tell, i am not a lunatic, i am a civilized young lady. How did i find these fairies? i imagine you are asking. The answer to that question is, Another one bites dust, and another one down, and another one down, another one bites the dust! Sorry, anyways, i was playing with my past best friend Violet, when all of a sudden, i looked up and noticed a saddle on a dragonfly, and a figure sitting on it. I didn't know WHAT to do, since i haven't  ever seen a magical being before, so the best thing i could think to do was, yell FAIRY!FAIRY!YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! The whole fourth grade stared a t me like i should be in an insane asylum. You should have seen the delight in Violets eyes when she saw the fairy. Then she blurted out the strangest thing, we meet again dear friend! I learned later in the day that she was named Violet because the fairy we saw today came down from a window when she was a newborn baby and kissed her on the cheek. The kiss made a violet patch on her cheek, afterwards she giggled. Her parents noticed the patch and named her Violet after it. If you think this post was strange, you should see the next post, where i talk about something, VERY creepy, but true. This is Catty, over and out.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

welcome, i am your LEADER

Hello everyone, man, this font is a bother. I can change this terrible font because i am that epic. AH YEAH, ITS GONE. You see, being a blogger makes one feel POWERFUL. Sorry, i think i need to introduce myself. Hello fellow user of the internet, there is MUCH i must tell you. Why i started this blog is because my parents said i talked too much. I figure you wouldn't care if i talk too much, because you came here to here me talk anyways. I am currently in the fourth grade, and trust me ALOT happened to my best friend Violet in a matter of days. The fourth grade changed her, instead of being herself she-she well, i can not explain. She has new friend now, ones that are popular and are using her. One can tell when someone is using her best friend. Having a blog means i can SAY what i think, nobody KNOWS who i am, to the people of the world i am unidentified. If Violet happens to see this and gets angry at me, i'll just say that it must be a different catty patty, easy peesy. Well, see ya later folks!